Landscaped garden

We have 5000 m2 of beautifully landscaped gardens, 1400 m2 is given over to vegetable production. 13 years ago we planted 30 new trees and hedges and have continued to improve our gardens year on year.



The veranda creates an ideal outside space for dining and Apéritif’s as well as barbecues. The space is good for large gatherings offering shade from the sun or protection from the rain    

Polly Tunnels

Fruit & veg garden

Delight your dinner guests with home-grown fruit and veg. We have about 100m² of our land turned over to growing vegetables, used in our dinners served to guests. There is nothing better than your own new potatoes or freshly picked beans.

swimming pool

Swimming pool

During the summer months, guests can refresh themselves with a dip in the above-ground plunge pool, this is 4.5m wide by 1.20m high and is totally fenced in, a new liner, pump & skimmer was installed in 2015.

chicken coup

Chicken coup

An area at the back of our garden given over to our free range chickens and ducks, many guests love collecting the eggs for their breakfast or they are used in our dinners from quiche to salads.