A ready to go business!


The chambre d’hôte, accommodating up to 15 guests, has been trading since January 2005 and has seen a steady increase in trade to the point where it now provides a good living with many returning and recommended guests. At the same time as running the business we have improved the private accommodation, and the grounds and gardens to the point where no further major expense and outlay is envisaged.

We have a steady amount of guests throughout the year starting in March with our French guests wanting to take a short weekend away, this continues through to June when our Belgium guests start to arrive followed by our Dutch guests in July and finaly our British guests at the end of July and August, firstly with school-aged children and teenagers and then just as couples in September when the schools have gone back.
Working for ourselves we can decide when to close and we normally take a few weeks off in October and again in December. January and February are when we do our redecorating and garden clean up as this is the quietest time of year. Taking bookings over the Internet has been no problem while we’ve been away from home!

Many returning and recommended guests

A good percentage of our customers return regularly or recommend us to their friends and relations. Our customer base is largely French and British, followed by the Dutch and Belgians but we welcome guests from as far afield as the USA, Canada and Australia.
We are currently ranked in the top 10 B&Bs in the Loire Valley on Trip Advisor and are well placed in internet searches on both our English and French websites.